Why Choose Us

If your business is looking for funding solutions, you may be overwhelmed with all of your choices. But you may also very well be unimpressed. Some loans come with more red tape than they are worth. While others, like the funding options offered by Ace Biz Funding, are simple and to the point. Obtaining a loan from a traditional lender, like a bank, is a long and tedious process. There isn’t much flexibility involved, and oftentimes, small businesses get turned down. If this is familiar to your business, or you are having trepidations about a bank loan, we understand. Take a look at some reasons businesses are choosing funding options from Ace Biz Funding:

  • The application. Bank applications are long, tedious, and require a lot of documentation. Be prepared to fill out multiple pages and share tax records and bank statements. With Ace Biz Funding, our application takes about five minutes to complete. Submit it with your last four months of business bank statements, and receive offers the same day.
  • The waiting game. When applying for a loan with a traditional lender, be prepared to wait up to two weeks (or even longer in some cases). Ace Biz Funding can approve you same-day.
  • The process. If your business has been turned down by a traditional lender in the past, Ace Biz Funding may be able to help. We don’t require the same scores and loan amounts as traditional lenders, so one of our financing products may be perfect for your growing business.
  • The people. To a bank, your business is a number; just another “approved” or “denied” application, but that is not the case with Ace Biz Funding. Our team values each one of our clients, and our dedicated financial professionals are here to provide you with the best advice and guidance for your business.

If your business could benefit from readily available working capital, let one of Ace Biz Funding’ financing specialists guide you through our simple process. We will find the financing option that works best for your business, and you can have your funds available the next day! It is that easy to get the financing you need to grow and prosper.