Top Industries for Startups in 2017

Ace Biz Funding reports that the rates of entrepreneurship are at a steady increase, with promising numbers for 2017. Studies conducted by the Kauffman Foundation found .34 percent of Americans start a new business each month.

With low capital intensity, low entry barriers, and high profit margins, the following are the top industries ripe with opportunity for startups in 2017:

  1. Corporate Wellness Services – Providing a low-cost alternative to healthcare.
  2. Human Resources –  To cut costs, many companies are outsourcing human resources to private companies.
  3. Scientific and Economic Consulting –  These companies are specializing in providing their clients with technological developments for their niche, and increasing market competition.
  4. Street Vendors – The increased demand for unique, gourmet, easily accessible meals are bringing a projected revenue growth of 3.7 percent in the street vendor industry over the next five years.
  5. Ethnic Supermarkets – In consideration to the growing Asian and Hispanic population in the United States, ethnic supermarkets are popping up everywhere to meet the demand for specialty foods.
  6. Adult Beverages – The wine and craft beer industries have rapid growth projection in the coming years.
  7. Tech – Over the past decade, the tech industry has seen the biggest and most successful startups with billions in revenue. Ace Biz Funding reports projected success for the social network game development specifically.
  8. Online Survey Software – More companies are starting to use online survey software to engage with their clients, receive feedback, and reach out to potential, future clients.

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