3 Ways to Finance an Import Business

Starting an import business has a lot of attractive benefits: it can be very profitable and relatively simple once the process is streamlined. Ace Biz Funding knows that getting started is half that battle. What products should you buy? Where will you sell your goods? And perhaps most importantly, where do you get the funding to start? It can be tough to get a traditional loan for an import business, but do not worry, there are other funding options.

An accounts receivable line of credit may be the answer to your funding question. This is a great option if you are waiting on payment from customers or vendors. Accounts receivable loans from Ace Biz Funding, allow you to borrow 85% to 90% of your accounts receivable lines of credit that are less than 90 days old.

If you do not have much in accounts receivables, but you have a lot in inventory laying around, asset-based lending is a better financing option for you. It will allow you to use your inventory to buy goods that are more desirable to your customer base. Ace Biz Funding offers aggressive asset-based advances.

If you have a large purchase order from a website or vendor you cannot fill, a purchase order loan is yet another option to finance your import business. Purchase order financing can help you fulfill orders that you cannot complete on your own.

An import business may take a bit of work to get off the ground, but once it is properly financed, expect big profits! Call Ace Biz Funding today for all your working capital needs!

Purchase Order Financing for Startups

In today’s age, startups seem to be everywhere. We are sure you know someone who has quit their job and embarked on their own startup. Maybe a colleague? Your cousin? Or maybe it is you? If it is you, then we are sure you know of the financing struggles startups come across. Once you have an order, fulfilling it can seem almost impossible. Being so close (yet so far) to your dream can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, there are options. Ace Biz Funding offers a perfect loan for such instances: inventory and purchase order financing.

Promising startups have a few choices when looking for financing, but none offer the flexibility and scalability like purchase order financing. Say you have a purchase order in place, but you do not have the funds to pay your manufacturer to complete the order. Ace Biz Funding can use your purchase order as collateral to pay the manufacturer. This way, your product is made, the order is filled, and your commodity can begin to sell. You do not give up any equity in your company like you would with an investor, and PO financing is totally scalable to build growth easily.

Ace Biz Funding offers wholesale and distribution lines of credit and advances against accounts receivable up to 90%. Whether you are a startup, a publicly traded company, or a private company, we can provide the PO financing you need to expand. If you are interested in learning more about how Ace Biz Funding can help your business achieve its goals, contact us today at 1-800-000-0000.

The Truth about P.O. Financing

Purchase order (P.O.) Financing is a type of funding that can help businesses fill customer orders by increasing the business’ cash flow.

Sometimes businesses become restricted in growth because of their financial situation – and this is when P.O. Financing can be extremely beneficial. Unlike factoring, which will accelerate cash from your invoices, P.O. Financing provides the funding necessary to provide good to your customers before an invoice is ever generated.

Purchase Order Financing is the perfect solution for business that need working capital to fuel your business growth.

Some benefits of purchase order financing are:

  • O. Financing is not a loan
  • O. Financing lifts your financial restrictions by –
    • Paying your suppliers
    • Taking on larger orders
  • O. Financing protects you from bankruptcy and insolvency

Through Ace Biz Funding’ simple application, your business can be approved in less than 24 hours for purchase order financing. Our financial company can get your business approved from $350,000 to $10,000,000!

Not only does Ace Biz Funding finance up to 100% of your company’s existing purchase orders, but our cash-flow based loans allow your business to grow and acquire more inventory.

Apply for P.O. Financing today online or call us at 800-000-0000 to speak with a Purchase Order Financing specialist!