Financing Solutions for New Business Equipment

Businesses are constantly seeking financing solutions for all areas of their business. Kick off 2015 with new equipment and inventory to help your business grow.

New business equipment can help increase productivity, lower the cost of manufacturing, and even reduce the energy necessary to produce your product. Thanks to Ace Biz Funding Loans’ financing solutions, many of our clients have jump-started the New Year with new equipment. Some industries that have recently purchased new business equipment are: lighting manufacturers, fitness centers, electric contractor, and a hardware importer.

If your business is not capable of upgrading its equipment or inventory, consider Ace Biz Funding’ Bank Lite Loan Program. Businesses can receive anywhere from $75,000 – $350,000 to purchase new, replacement business equipment or increase their existing inventory.

The Bank Lite Loan Program by Ace Biz Funding has low monthly payments, making your new business equipment affordable. We also offer no pre-payment penalties, so you can pay off your new equipment purchase early!

Bank Lite loans are typically 3-5 years in duration, similar to a traditional lender, and with our same-day approval process, upgrading your business equipment has never been easier. No collateral is required for Bank Lite loans at Ace Biz Funding.

To learn more about Ace Biz Funding’ Bank Lite loan program, or to apply for financing solutions contact 800-000-0000 today!

How to Get a Business Loan in 24 Hours

As a business owner, when growth starts, the last thing you need is to be restricted because of cash flow. Business loans are a great way to help your company’s growth explode, and Ace Biz Funding can help.

Traditional lenders, such as banks, have a very sophisticated approval process for a business loan. Their application can take anywhere from two weeks to three months. So if you need a business loan fastly, a traditional lender may not be the best route for your business.

Alternative lenders have more flexibility than traditional lenders because their application process can be approved the same day and funding can be received within 24 hours. Some types of working capital solutions alternative lenders can provide are:

  • Business Cash Advance
  • Bank Lite
  • Inventory and/or PO Financing
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Asset-Based Lending

These flexible business loan solutions are easy to implement and can result in funding in 24 hours. If your business is looking for a convenient, fast business loan, Ace Biz Funding can help.

Ace Biz Funding has been providing alternative business loan solutions for business owners of all industries and sizes. Whether you are looking to keep your balance sheet in the green, increase your working capital, or need to finance your accounts receivables, Ace Biz Funding can help.

Complete the Ace Biz Funding application online and receive same-day approval and a business loan in 24 hours.