About Us

At Ace Biz Funding, we have provided over $100M in financing for small to mid-size companies all across the United States. Our financing professionals are here to make your loan process as smooth as possible. And the process is likely much less of a process than you are used to. We are not a bank, and we do not have the restrictions that a traditional lender has. That means, we offer a simple application, same-day approval, and next-day funding. It’s that fast and it’s that easy!

Our funding options are as varied as our clients, so we will have a solution that will suit your needs. We understand the hurdles that businesses have to jump when looking to obtain the funds they need to grow. Our flexible options include a Cash Advance from $50,000 to $2,000,000, even if a traditional bank, lender, or factor has turned your business down in the past. Our cash advance will allow your business to expand, and you can even renew the loan once the original loan has been paid down by half. This will provide your business with ongoing funding for continued growth.

Our Easy Term Loan is a great lending program for businesses in a variety of industries. Interest rates start at just 9.99%, and no collateral is required. The approval process is fast too, and your business can be funded in as little as two weeks. Our Inventory and Purchase Order Financing is perfect for publicly traded companies and private companies alike. Businesses can be funded up to $10,000,000.

If your business needs funding but it does not carry inventory, then an Accounts Receivable Line of Credit is a great funding solution. Your business can borrow 85% to 90% of its accounts receivables that are less than 90 days old. This is ideal, because you aren’t selling your receivables to a third party, and you maintain invoicing. Asset-Based Lines of Credit are another funding option that Ace Biz Funding offers to businesses looking to expand. We offer the highest inventory advance rates, perfect for rapidly growing companies.

Our goal at Ace Biz Funding is to provide the best funding options for businesses looking to grow and expand. Our team of skilled financing experts will be able to help you find the best option possible, and we can walk you through our simple application process. Contact us today to get started!