When is It Time to Apply for a Small Business Loan?

Credit is king. No business exists today that hasn’t directly benefitted from a small business loan at some point. The U.S. Small business Administration says that loans are the most common sources of funding for small businesses. Loans come in many forms and sizes. Family loans, small business investments, and online small business loans are just some of the more common examples. Small business lenders like Ace Biz Funding are a small, but vital part of the American business industry.

If you are considering a small business loan, then you are taking the first steps that are required for meaningful growth.

3 Signs It’s Time to Get a Small Business Loan

The best time to get a small business loan is if your business is experiencing growing pains.

  1. New equipment (Inventory / PO Financing)
  2. New location (Easy Term Loan)
  3. New hires (Cash Advance)

Traditional small business lenders will approve a business with high income and low cost faster than a business with low income and high cost. Online small business loan lenders like Ace Biz Funding have made it their duty to approve businesses who need and can benefit from a capital injection.

The Benefit of Small Business Loans

Put simply, a small business loan can mean the difference between growth or stagnation; between bankruptcy and success.

Small business lenders would not exist without a market that favors the results. Taking your business to the next stage is vital.

Most small businesses fail in the first year, and that can be traced back to a lack of funding or a lack of experience. Sometimes, unforeseen slumps can destroy a small business. Ace Biz Funding, as well as other small business lenders, are there to assist small business owners in getting the funding they need in a timely manner. We have saved more businesses than we can count, and we hope to continue that trend.

How Small Business Lenders Analyze Your Business

You can learn all about the process of small business lending, but what is likely more important at this point is to understand what small business lenders are looking for. Ace Biz Funding offers small business loans even to those with bad credit, so as much as credit plays a part in the analysis, Ace Biz Funding is more lenient.

This is what small business lenders look at:

  • Credit History (some lenders put more weight on this than others)
  • Cash Flow
  • Collateral
  • Business experience and future goals
  • Type of financing

Ace Biz Funding

Small business loans give small businesses the boost they need. Any savvy business owner and entrepreneur will attest to the old saying “strike while the iron’s hot”. Sometimes timing is everything and small business lenders like Ace Biz Funding understand that, which is why we approve most small business loans within the first 72 hours.

All our small business funding options are tailored to each business we work with. For more information or to apply for a small business loan, contact Ace Biz Funding and take the next step towards a successful business.