Cover your Back-to-School Inventory with PO Financing

Back to school season is upon us and many retail companies are gearing up for this year’s expected crowd of scholars who are looking for the best supplies and coolest clothes and gadgets. For many retail businesses or manufactures, the summer months may have been a little slow and cash flow could be down. However, the fall season consists of the busiest months of the year for the retail industry. As a business owner, your store may not be ready for the busier months ahead that include the back to school and winter shopping spikes. If funding is a major concern for your business, then looking for a fast and easy way to provide capital for your retail store this year is vital. Ace Biz Funding funds can help your business recoup fast.

We understand that with any large retail company, large purchase orders are necessary to fulfil the needs of your thriving business. If you are a manufacturing company geared towards the latest back to school shoes, it could be your worst nightmare if you do not have the available funds to accept those large purchase orders. And if you are a retail store, making sure that you can purchase large orders from larger retail companies, is very important. At Ace Biz Funding funds, we offer a perfect loan product for inventory and purchase order financing that can help you pay your suppliers, and take on larger orders that you previously would not have been able to fulfill.

Our PO financing program is flexible and fast. We offer the necessary funds to complete the order and charge a percentage for the service. This way, the company can fulfill its order or contract. With our simple application process, you will be one step closer to having funds.

We finance 100% of existing purchase orders and can offer inventory-only lines of credit for large retailers. U.S and Canada companies can receive 25,000,000 or more in funds. Ace Biz Funding can also unlock cash from existing inventory. Our funding specialist will assist you every step of the way, by customizing capital solutions for your business. You can receive up to $90,000 that same day, and up to $500,000 the next business day! With how fast the fall season is approaching, receiving funds promptly is necessary. We can approve your business in less than 24 hours. Helping you pay your suppliers and take on larger orders that you previously could not afford, is what Ace Biz Funding does, and does well.

Don’t let the back to school shopping season scare you this year. Whether you are a retail manufacturing company or a retail store that is getting ready for back to school and the fall trending season, make sure that your company has the necessary funds. Don’t let a gap in cash flow hurt your growing business, Ace Biz Funding can help your business receive and maintain the appropriate funds.