Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lines of Credit A/R + Inventory

Finding a lender that offers aggressive advance rates on inventory is tough in today’s conservative lending environment. Most banks and lenders do not offer more than a 40%-50% inventory advance. But Ace Biz Funding has arranged multiple 65% inventory advances for our clients. That extra availability of 15%-25% makes a huge difference for a business’ bottom line when they have million in current inventory. When you a couple a high advance rate on A/R (85%-90%) with an aggressive advance rate on inventory (65%), the results are the ideal line of credit for maximizing our client’s access to working capital.

  • Highest inventory advance rates in the industry
  • Inventory in transit financing
  • Lending on machinery and equipment
  • Term sheets within a matter of days
  • Perfect for high growth companies that do not want their lines of credit capped by a traditional lender. Asset based credit lines continue growing as your receivables, or receivables and inventory levels rise
  • Annual interest rates starting at 4% per annum

Asset Based Recent Closings:


Oil & Gas Company $35,000,000

Pet Medications Distributor $18,000,000

Water Treatment Services $5,000,000

Oil & Gas Chemicals $15,000,000