Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit

If your business does not carry inventory, then a receivable-based A/R revolving line of credit is ideal to maximize your cash flow and increase revenues.

This asset based line of credit allows you to borrow 85-90% of your accounts receivable that are less than 90 days old. This is not a factoring line that requires you to sell receivables to a third party. Instead, you maintain invoicing and collection calls in-house. Asset based lines of credit are far less expensive than factoring. Annual interest rates start at 6% versus factoring, which usually requires a 20% or more annual interest rate.

  • 85%-90% advance rates
  • Options with no notification to your customers
  • International A/R lending
  • Medical A/R lending
  • Fast Approvals

Our Recent Closings:


Hardware Importer $1,000,000

Logistics Company $750,000

Cabinet Manufacturing $1,000,000

Staffing Company $250,0000

Cell Phone Tower Services $4,000,000